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Look Whose Shopping Now

Because online shopping is become more of  lifestyle rather than a fad, Wanelo already has an audience to pull from to market their site to. Based on their user interface I believe their target audience is younger people, between the age of 16-35 , who are impressed with privacy and easy navigation, have a sense of wanting to feel engaged or part of a community, and enjoys the ease and efficiency of shopping online. The Wanelo Shopping app is a personalized shopping experience on mobile. When you first sign up, you start by following your favorite stores and people you like. This creates a personalized feed of products just for you. Every time you visit Wanelo, you’ll see new products from all of your stores. When you find something you like, you can buy it or save it into your profile for later.

Wanelo  is creating a shopping experience that focuses on the users by connecting them to products and stores relevant to them in one place. The experience of online shopping is usually wonky, disorganized, and fragmented. Wanelo uses a simple and straightforward interface that not only personalizes the shopping experience, but encourages the discovery of new products. “When we designed the app, we focused on the products, the users and collections. We were able to remove extra features that weren’t core to the Wanelo experience. We simplified the app to create the most engaging, fun way to discover new products online and help people develop and express their sense of personal style.”

With thousands of new products  added daily, Wanelo has created a way to optimize your shopping on a single platform. Your feed is constantly updating, and it becomes increasingly addicting. Most products are uploaded by users themselves and the more you engage in the community the more other users start to recognize you for your taste, which becomes an additional driver. Wanelo Save buttons are being added to retailers’ websites, right next to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. “We believe the future of retail will require a single dominant social platform for shopping, and this is what we are building.”  Keep it up Wanelo,  and your sure to be the next big thing!


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