Wanelo vs Pinterest

At first glance, Wanelo reminds me a lot of Pinterest. This is mainly because Wanelo operates off of the same “visual social network” idea. So what’s the difference? They look the same so they do the same thing, right? Wrong. The biggest, and in my opinion most important, distinguishing factor between Wanelo and Pinterest is that Wanelo caters to consumers who actually want to buy stuff. While Pinterest gives you billions of ideas for travel, DIY’s, and pretty much anything else you can think of, Wanelo is more of online shopping, like a shopping Pinterest. Wanelo caters to brands and shoppers.  With Pinterest, you can pin anything recipes, household tips, decor ideas and it doesn’t necessarily have to be for sale or to purchase. Wanelo gives the users capability to distinguish which items out of billions of posted content are available for purchase.

Now, even though Pinterest is not really the place to try to sell products directly it can be a good way to build brand exposure and pick up referral traffic. Most of the people are looking for inspiration or instructions for projects, or for interesting images. They aren’t looking for something to buy. For brands, Pinterest is really about thought leadership, brand impressions, and customer retention. We’re extremely fortunate to be well funded right now,” Jenkins said. “It gives us to time to do this correctly. We don’t feel the pressure to monetize unnaturally.” Pinterest now connects with Facebook allowing users to automatically post new pins to their Facebook news feed for others to see. This is good for brands and businesses marketing through Pinterest because it means more eyes from other channels get access to the images you post to Pinterest. Additionally, because Pinterest is such a huge platform companies can add a “pin it” button to their website making pinning products for site visitors really easy. The downfall to this is that Pinterest only connects with Facebook profiles, not business pages, so there is no way for businesses to automatically share their pins to their Facebook pages. In order to do so, companies must share the link to the pin on their business page.


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