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So You’re Fancy Huh?

Much like Wanelo, Fancy is a social photo sharing webstore and mobile app created by Joesph Einhorn. This e-commerce site allows its users to be involved in socially focused shopping through picture feeds and sharing. Much like Wanelo, on Fancy, users can purchase products that they see directly from the website. This creates something like a middleman between the consumer and the retailer.
Fancy is best known for offering trendy products that range from fashion items (of course) to useful appliances and novelty gifts. Fancy attempted to break its users out of the basic “I like” product-saving method with its branded “Fancy” button, which is used to show that you are interested in an item. The Fancy button can be added to your bookmark bar so you can easily “fancy” items from anywhere across the Web. Products on Fancy can be “fancied”, or saved, marked as wanted or owned, commented on, featured on your profile, and added to personalized lists. Fancy provides featured, recommended, following, and everything personalized shopping streams in your dashboard, as well as search capabilities, and on-site payments. The biggest difference between these two sites is really the social media presence as well as funding. Fancy is a bit older than Wanelo so they were able to get more of a significant financial backing which in turn lead to a greater social media presence. Wanelo was rejected by 40 investors (wow!) before they were finally able to secure financial investors to catapult them into the e-commerce industry.


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