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Want, Need, Love, Buy

So you’re walking through the malls for the 100th time this week and you see, yet again, Nothing (which lets face it, happens to us all the time). You are frustrated and you just want something new. At this point you try to come up with other options other than the malls and department stores you have become so accustomed to. You understand the ease and convenience of online shopping but you are limited to sites and stores you know of. Now what do you do?

Wanelo (pronounced wah-ne-lo, from want, need, love) is an online community based e commerce site that gives you a way to search and follow all of your favorite stores in one place. you can think of Wanelo as a mall at your fingertips. A regular mall has maybe 150 stores, but Wanelo has over 550,000 stores from big brands you know and love to smaller independent boutiques and sellers you may have never heard of. With Wanelo you can easily browse, save, and buy items, post new products from around the Web, and follow members, stores, or product collections. They are not structured like a traditional registry and they also encourage browsing and following by store or label. This leads to a lot of love for product and helps Wanelo compete against sites that are solely for interest and ideas.

Wanelo was founded by Deena Varshavskaya   who was over the hassle and basicness of shopping malls. Her personal style didn’t seem to quite fit the stores that were offered to her (given her mobility and time) and she wanted to shop in more unique places. She decided to create a social network that would make it easy to discover stores and products from anywhere online anytime she wanted.

Deena worked on Wanelo for more than two years. Before she gained any traction she used her own savings to finance Wanelo. In 2011, she moved to San Francisco and raised funding after 40 investor rejections (that’s a lot, never give up I guess). Today, Wanelo is a team of over 30, and millions of people are using it to find and buy products they love.


2 thoughts on “Want, Need, Love, Buy

  1. The concept of having all your favorite online stores is interesting. I am not going to lie; I am a male and I engage in precision shopping. That means: I go to a store, find my product, go to the register, pay, and leave. I know women like to check different outfits, colors, combinations, etc. The idea of comparing prices of the same item is attractive to me. If a can save money and find a great deal: I am all ears.
    I am soccer fan. It would be nice to compare the latest soccer jerseys, cleats and fan apparel. I usually go to soccer.com, or worldofsoccer.com to find what I need for my team or myself. It would be amazing If I could find the same product at a lower price on the same website. I know I can do that in Amazon, but a specialized soccer website would be a perfect fit for my psychographic group: soccer fans.
    This is the same idea from Wanelo. It is segmented and has a clear audience. It goes beyond sites like Pinterest and gets you closer to make a transaction. Chi-Ching! $$$


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